Brisbane Roar Manager Takes the Leap and Proposes with Wilshi Proposal Ring

Stepping up to the moment is nothing out of the ordinary to Darren Davies, a fantastic Welsh footballer who stepped up and became the Interim Coach for the Brisbane Roar during a time of pressure. 

It’s no surprise that he rose to the moment and proposed to girlfriend, Niamh, with the ‘Classic’ Wilshi Proposal Ring.  

While he doesn’t play the keeper, he has found one to keep: Darren popped the question on Christmas Day last year, surrounded by friends and family, it quickly became a Christmas to remember. The happy look of confusion on Niamh’s face was unforgettably priceless. After recovering from what had just happened, she tells him yes, and Darren has ‘scored’ the girl. 

Darren’s decision to choose a Wilshi Ring was an easy one, he felt it best that he and Niamh were both part of designing the engagement ring. Using a Wilshi Proposal Ring made that possible - Wilshi leaves no room for mistakes!  

This meant that Darren and Niamh were able to sit down with the team at The Village Goldsmith while still in Brisbane, in fact in the comfort of their own home. They discussed ideas through a Skype call and designed their perfect engagement ring from the very beginning.  

Choosing an internally flawless oval cut diamond in a solitaire ring setting to represent their new chapter together, the couple were able to start bringing design concepts to life. Working with The Village Goldsmith Director Chris Benham they chose the ring to be crafted in bright and white platinum, with brilliant cut diamonds dotted down the band. The finished ring was a showstopper, but the most meaningful part is that Darren and Niamh were able to create every aspect of the design and have every say throughout the process.  

Adding to the fairy-tale of their love is a bundle of joy, half Irish, half Welsh, who has just arrived into this world. Her name fittingly is Nia which mean’s Niamh in Welsh. The new parents and their new baby Nia reside in Brisbane, where Darren, for now, still fills in the spot of Manager until Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler takes over. Until then Darren’s juggling the act of coach and his new role as Dad. 

Darren and Niamh with baby Nia, showing off their engagement ring
Darren and Niamh with baby Nia, showing off their stunning engagement ring

It was an absolute pleasure working with Darren and Niamh to craft their perfect engagement ring and we were honoured to be given the opportunity to help them create something so meaningful and personal.  

Congratulations to the lovely couple on their engagement, as well as their new journey together as mum and dad.