Wilshi – The Proposal Ring is distinguished from an engagement ring.  The Proposal Ring provides a low risk way to create the perfect, romantic proposal while still allowing the couple to choose the engagement ring together.

With the ever increasing variety of rings and ring styles it has become more and more difficult for people to answer the age old question ‘“How do I pick the perfect engagement ring for my partner without ruining the surprise? “ in other words – what if she doesn’t like it!

Faced with these issues, the Wilshi designers noticed that increasingly the decision was made to simply opt out of making the choice alone, leaving the final choice of ring to his partner, eliminating the romance and surprise.

This insight inspired the Wilshi designers to create aproposal ring as distinguished from an engagement ring. Wilshi was created to provide an answer to this dilemma allowing the shopper to maintain complete control of the situation at a price point where he feels comfortable.  A Wilshi ring provides the opportunity to create the perfect romantic proposal, which includes presenting a ring in a beautiful ring box when the all important question is asked – “will you marry me?”

The range has been kept small and designed deliberately simple. The reason why guys have got to this point is that there’s too much choice. The designers intentionally designed the rings to be literal so it is very clear that this is a proposal ring as distinguished from the engagement ring.  The rings are crafted from high quality sterling silver and presented in a traditional hand crafted wooden box.