The video above shows how one creative partner has used a long exposure camera setting to photograph light. This light writing marriage proposal took three nights to complete with around 800 individual photos, these photos were all put together and made into a stop motion film. 

Light is such a beautiful and romantic medium to use and will definitely blow your partner away!

There are lots of ways to create your own light painting and personalize your proposal to your bride-to-be. To create the light you can use sparklers, different coloured lights, glowsticks, headlamps, torches.

Make sure you have a DSLR camera (or a a point and shoot with full manual shooting, bulb mode & manual focus). The camera will need to be set up on a tripod to make sure it stays in positions without any movement.  You will also need to get a few friends to help you out with the light painting and a simple video editing software to convert the still photographs into a moving marriage proposal. 

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