A 21st Century Marriage Proposal

The great thing about a 21st Century marriage proposal is that there are no rules. Proposals are whatever you want them to be. Wilshi Proposal Rings are fun, quirky and a little bit unconventional. However you choose to propose and whoever you choose to marry, a Wilshi Ring is the perfect way to celebrate your commitment to each other.

Some people think that the notion of marriage is becoming unpopular in this day and age. We think marriage has evolved and that’s something to be excited about.

Being in the business of marriage proposals, we see a lot of interesting examples of ways to pop the question. Whether it’s filming a video, organising a flash mob or sending your loved one on a treasure hunt, each marriage proposal is unique.

We’re also excited that more people can celebrate their love through marriage. The legal recognition of same sex marriage reflects social change that really brings marriage into the 21st Century. The idea of marriage is important to many same sex couples and we’re thrilled that they choose to start this important journey with a Wilshi.

At Wilshi, we have a diverse customer base. Our Wilshi rings look great on men and women, worn on the hand or on a chain around the neck. Most of all, we’re proud that we’re able to help anyone and everyone who wants to propose, do just that. Minus the stress, in their own time, just them and the one they love. Or 100 other people in a flash mob.

Wilshi Rings come in a range of designs. If you’re after a simple, classic design, check out the Classic Proposal Ring. If you’re after something chunky that will look good, we suggest the World Proposal Ring or the Metro Proposal Ring. Or, see the full collection of Wilshi Proposal Rings here.