About Us

Wilshi was formed in February 2010, by a team of award winning jewellery designers, with the simple purpose of helping guys and girls get their marriage proposal right. The Wilshi designers have encountered many anxious grooms to be and the delighted, sometimes not so delighted, bride to be, soon after the question has been asked, will you marry me?

After many years of helping many customers get the jewellery selection right, there’s been a particularly remarkable insight that lead the Wilshi designers to perhaps the most useful tip for the art of romance – presume nothing.

‘Win your way to her heart, don’t claim it. Philosophically, in any relationship that is based around mutual respect and appreciation, your so described ‘claim’ will more than likely have his or her own opinion about subjects of commitment and investment, let alone romance."

Despite the common observation that marriage is less popular Wilshi believes that the tide is turning. ‘People, young and old now want to celebrate love. They want to marry, celebrate through civil union and enjoy a sense of ceremony’. What’s changed over the years is the basis of marriage. It’s no longer observed as a duty, it’s something we have to work harder at getting right. To do that we have learned not to presume things of one another.

This insight inspired the Wilshi designers to create a proposal ring as distinguished from an engagement ring. ‘The latter is an outcome, and if you have that, great. She has hoped for the perfect day, for the perfect ring and perfect partner ever since she started practicing getting married at kindergarten. Of course most people are not that comfortable with rejection. We don’t want anyone to get that wrong, Wilshi is the perfect answer.

Aptly named, Wilshi - The Proposal Ring® has a number of designs, some conventional, some not so, like the Tear Tab and the Sea Shell in sterling silver engraved ‘Will you marry me?’ Nice answer.