Stuck For Marriage Proposal Ideas?

Contemplating the perfect engagement proposal

Chances are your girlfriend has been dreaming of this moment for a long time. When she was daydreaming of the big moment as a child, she may not have pictured your face but here you are. She will have wondered where the proposal will take place, what will be said and what the design of the ring will be like. You’ll want to make the moment as special as possible, sweep her off her feet and hopefully catch her by surprise.

One of the great things about our Wilshi Proposal Ring is that it takes the hard work out of choosing an engagement ring so you can concentrate on making the proposal a memorable and unique occasion. Money is not likely to provide the wow factor. Your partner is likely to respond far better to something that she feels has had a lot of thought and a little time put in to it and that reflects your personality.

Firstly, it needs to be said that it’s a good idea to be confident of a yes answer! There’s no set time for how long you’ve been together before you propose. It’s up to you to read the signals and know your partner. If you feel strongly enough to ask her to spend the rest of your life with you, then there’s a good chance that she feels the same way.

Where possible, it’s a good idea to ask her father (or mother, or both) for their blessing to marry their daughter. It may seem like an antiquated notion but chances are your girlfriend will appreciate the gesture and even if she isn’t the traditional type, some parents may be upset if you haven’t asked.

Perhaps the most important thing that you can do is ensure that you put a personal spin on the proposal. When you make that all-important speech, incorporate elements that mean something to only the two of you. Recount your first date, your first kiss, the first time … you get the idea. Personalise the speech but always finish with the four magic words – she’s been waiting to hear them (they’re printed on our rings just in case you forget).

Where you propose is one of the most important factors so you’ll want to make it somewhere memorable. It could be the scene of your first date or it could be somewhere you know she’s always wanted to go. Places of scenic natural beauty are an obvious attraction: at the beach, under waterfalls or on the top of a mountain. Try not to worry about the weather – a clear sunny day might be ideal but an unexpected shower can provide a spontaneous touch of romance.

Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of the public proposal (and if you’re in any way worried about the answer, then this is clearly not a good idea). A public proposal could take the form of proposing in front of an audience at a sporting event, movie theatre or a concert or arranging to ask the question over the radio, on the television or in the pages of a newspaper or her favourite magazine. The idea behind a public proposal is to tell the world – loud and proud – how much you love her.

Alternatively, a private proposal is a chance to project the intense personal bond that the two of you share. It also gives you a bit more scope to be intimate! This is where you can really indulge your romantic side (or cater to hers): light the candles, lay out the rose petals and hit play on the Kenny G Greatest Romantic Hits cassette.

The key thing to remember is the personal touch. Whether the proposal takes place at home or on holiday, in front of others or just between the two of you: an honest, original proposal always beats out an expensive and over the top one.

After you’ve announced the engagement, people are going to ask about the moment you popped the question. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cool story to tell?

Below are just a few examples of creative ways to propose with the Wilshi Proposal Ring. Use them for inspiration, and adapt them to match your partner’s tastes and personality.

  • Slip the Wilshi Proposal Ring on her finger when she is sleeping. Surprise her in the morning with a luxurious breakfast in bed and pop the question!
  • Prepare a love note and place it in an old bottle (wine bottles work best. Plastic milk containers aren’t as romantic somehow). Take her to her favourite beach and spontaneously ‘find’ the message in a bottle. Get down on one knee and present the ring while she reads the letter.
  • Make a proposal video to play as a trailer of a real film.
  • Buy her the puppy or kitten that she’s always wanted and tie the Wilshi Proposal Ring to the collar. Your furry friend will be a special reminder of the magic moment.
  • How about using Post-It Notes and coming up with your own love note message?
  • Seasonal proposals are always an attractive idea. Hang the box containing the Wilshi Ring on the Christmas tree or in your partner’s stocking. Or organise an Easter egg hunt and hide the Wilshi Ring in one of the eggs.