Temporary Engagement Ring

Popping the big question can be a scary experience and so is the fear of rejection. There’s also the problem of buying the right Engagement ring. If the proposal is a surprise then you must pick the ring without any help from your bride to be. Let’s be honest, most women wouldn’t trust their men to pick out a pair of shoes let alone an engagement ring that they will wear every day for the rest of their life!

Normally women are happy for you to buy a diamond ring anytime! But remember, you don't want your bride to be to have to pretend she is excited about the engagement ring you chose. Secretly, most women know what type of ring they’d like and they may even have dropped a few hints to you. But you, like most men, have probably missed these subtle hints and will probably confuse what she likes to what her best friend wants!

Take the safer and more romantic route and buy her a Wilshi Proposal Ring. This will act as a temporary engagement ring or what is also known as a placeholder ring. When she reads the words 'Will you marry me?' she'll know it's only a temporary engagement ring and then you can chose the real diamond ring together. One step at a time. The Wilshi Proposal Ring allows you to conduct a romantic proposal and will ensure that your bride-to-be gets the engagement ring she really wants.