The Proposal - Starting With A Question

The Proposal Dilemma

You’ve decided she’s the one, but what next?

Proposing seems like a straightforward event, buy a ring, choose the right moment, simple isn’t it?

Absolutely not!

She’s been imagining that moment since before you were in long pants. What her dream man would look like, where the proposal would take place, what the design of the ring was. You may never have thought of it before now but she certainly has.

So getting it right is critical. Lets start with the ring, you can begin to imagine the how and when you will propose but how do you choose the ring design? How much do you spend? Would she want diamonds? What is her ring finger size? It all becomes overwhelming.

You want to give her something on the day, something romantic and special, but what if you spend large amounts of your hard earned dollars and she doesn’t like it?

The simple answer is “Wilshi- The Proposal Ring®”

From US$129 you can purchase a ring that elegantly and creatively says “ Will you marry me?”

And if on the chance she says “no” you haven’t broken the bank.