Information sourced from NZ Herald

An engagement ring is a significant purchase with high emotional involvement - something we all want to get right. Unfortunately, the one we love won't always choose our dream ring. So how do you get around the fact that your significant other popped the question with a ring you don't like?

Lee Suckling, Life and Style columnist at the NZ Herald had these tips for a reader who submitted the question; I hate my engagement ring. Can I tell my fiancé?

The general etiquette rule when being given jewellery is, if you put it straight on as soon as you're given it, you are sending a clear message: "I love it!". If you don't put it on immediately and say something like, "Oh, it's lovely", you're being not-so-subtle inferring the item is about as "you" as turquoise dangly earrings. You obviously did the former, and your fiancé will be crushed - I repeat - crushed, if you tell him you hate the ring now. I'm not saying you shouldn't have said "yes" to the proposal because the ring was bad, however it would have been a lot easier to repeal an unworn ring (and get an alternative) with some careful communication with your hubby-to-be.

But, bygones are bygones, so here's what to do without coming off like a 'zilla. You can't tell him you hate the ring. You're going to have to wear it until the wedding. When you're choosing your wedding ring - something all couples should do together - find a diamond that looks fantastic when worn alone, but physically doesn't fit on the same finger with your existing ring. Fall in love with that ring, and ask your fiancé if he minds your engagement ring being melted down into something that meshes well - like a simple band. I know, you probably want two diamond rings, but you can't have all your multi-tiered wedding cake and eat it too. Soz.

This exact scenario was how the concept for the Wilshi Proposal Ring was born. We encountered numerous women who were wearing engagement rings they didn't like - most hadn't had the heart to tell their husband so had been wearing their disliked ring for years. Then there were the guys coming in store trying to choose an engagement ring. Stressed, uncertain, anxious - planning a romantic proposal is hard enough, without the added worry of choosing the perfect ring! But, proposing without a ring at all? Not exactly romantic...

So how to keep the romance, execute the perfect proposal and allow a couple to choose an engagement ring together that she will love? Wilshi. It's the perfect solution.

So for anyone out there thinking to propose and worrying about what engagement ring to get - don't. The question put forward to Lee Suckling really can be avoided all together. The answer is Wilshi.