Information sourced from Fairfax NZ News

Marriage proposals are increasingly becoming public moments. Flash mobs, spontaneous song and dance, public transport, film crews and millions of YouTube hits – men are increasingly turning proposals into performances, propelled by social media and the gargantuan, growing wedding industry.

Those providing services that cater to more public proposals say they are simply offering another way to document one of life's great milestones.

But not everyone is sold, with sceptics pointing to the increasing pressure on people to prepare a dramatic proposal.

Then comes the question of tradition and whether to follow them. Even as relationships become more egalitarian, and roles within them less defined, the tradition of the engagement ring and the male proposal persists. But what about asking the parent's permission? Getting down on one knee? Spending two month's salary on the ring? (A clever marketing campaign that turned into a tradition). And what about the many women that choose to propose to their boyfriends? Not to mention same sex marriage proposals which means gay couples can now create their own traditions too.

The modern marriage proposal is open to interpretation. What's your take? Have marriage proposals gotten out of control?

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