The Ring - The "Wilshi®" Solution

So you've decided, she is the one, congratulations!

You've thought about how you'd like to propose, where and when, but what about the ring? You don't want to get it wrong and buy something she may not like, but you still want it to be special and memorable.

The answer is simple,  Wilshi - The Proposal Ring®.

We provide you with a ring that is quality and fun, a ring that will bring a smile to her face and a "yes" to her lips, and one that certainly won't break the bank.

We have nine carefully chosen styles of Wilshi - The Proposal Ring®, each designed to match the style and personality of the one you love. 

Do any of these sound familiar?

She loves... tradition, is classical, prefers not being the centre of attention?... Then the "Wilshi® Classic Proposal Ring" is for you.

She loves... classic love stories, old movies - is stylish and classically understated?... Then the "Wilshi® Secret Proposal Ring" is for you.

She loves... the latest fashion, is career focused, has an independant streak?... Then the "Wilshi® Modern Proposal Ring" is for you.

She loves... hearts, the colour pink, has fluffy toys on the bed?... Then the "Wilshi® Heart Proposal Ring" is for you.

She loves... romantic walks on the beach, nature and a good book?... Then the "Wilshi® Shell Proposal Ring" is for you. 

She loves... sport, action movies, beats you at drinking games?... Then the "Wilshi® Tear Tab Proposal Ring" is for you.

She loves... travel, adventure and culture, is practical yet still feminine?... Then the "Wilshi® World Proposal Ring" is for you.

You want to give one to the man in your  life?... Then the "Wilshi® Metro Proposal Ring" is for you.

She loves... the gym, the outdoors, is practical but still feminine?... Then the "Wilshi® Button Proposal Ring" is for you.